Three Day Festival Event

In September, we took over a beautiful farm in Shropshire and produced a three day festival-themed event for 250 guests; jam-packed with great food, amazing all-day and all-night entertainment, and excellent vibes.

The Production

As an event production agency with good vibes at our core, we ensured guests had many visual and sensory immersive and interactive treats throughout the weekend. Beautiful blue and gold sparkling shards (salvaged from a Selfridges window display) seemed to erupt from the ground, a backdrop for guests enjoying the wood-fired hot tubs. On Saturday night, guests found themselves in our surprise venue ‘The Milking Parlour’ which had been decked out with multi-coloured sofas, multi-coloured neons, and multi-coloured fairy lights filling the giant milk jars that used to service the cows that frequented the barn in the past.

The Entertainment

Friday night saw an evening of entertainment and performance from The Embers Collective, a story-telling collective who weave magic and mystique in to their fairytales set to live music. Saturday saw a set from artist Elli Ingram, pop-up appearances from a brass band, and DJs throughout the night including Emerald Lewis and Earthboogie.