The Vibrary

The Vibrary was a secret, invite-only, late-night immersive party venue. Co-created and co-hosted by The Vibrarians: our team of Art Directors, Set Dressers, Performers, Hosts, DJs and Dancers. Accessible for those in possession of a coveted Vibrary Card (handed out to people during the festival that were giving out excellent vibes), once inside guests would find themselves in festival Utopia.

At Secret Garden Party festival, Summer 2022, The Provibers pulled off something monumental. Something that will go down in the festival history books until the end of time. After months of creative-thinking, hard-work, favour-pulling, and furniture-collecting, we created The Vibrary for the very first time.
The Vibrary comprised of three unique spaces. First, the indoor area with dance floor and bespoke lasers, 3 chill-out corners, and a diverse mix of DJs all weekend, whose brief was to keep things playful, uplifting, and engaging. This is also where guests would find the central stage where many surprise and spontaneous performances occurred. This lead on to our second area, a magical garden, with 7ft golden crystal shards that appeared to burst from the ground under a huge canopy of bespoke, programmed lights. And finally, The Vibrary bus, where guest were taken on a metaphorical journey by The Vibrary Bus Driver, whilst hanging out enjoying the plush interiors.

Each space was lovingly dressed with giant bouquets of flowers, beautiful fabrics, twinkling lights, and the very best vibes.

The feedback from the festival organisers and guests was phenomenal. Multiple reports say it was the best place at the entire festival (hence the huge queue of people trying to get in). We’ve since received thank you cards and gifts from guests saying how inspirational and transformational the venue was for them. Needless to say The Vibrary will be back, you just have to find yourself a Vibrary Card…

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